Friday, 25 February 2011

Why TechShareAuto?

There are tons of blogs and websites already in existence. Many of them we could live without. What is the need for one more such blog?

Well, if you are a technology manager, incubator manager, tech transfer professional or an entrepreneur in India, you would know how difficult it is to transfer technology to a company or create a technology based startup. First of all, there are multiple players involved - the research institutes/universities, the concerned scientists, IP lawyers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, bankers, government funding agencies etc. etc. etc. How to work with all these folks and successfully commercialize technology? There are many more questions that you would have faced in your efforts:

Where to get funding for testing my technology idea?
I have a technology company.Can the government support me in anyway?
I need the help of some scientists to test my idea - whom do I approach?
How do you draft an air-tight licensing agreement to transfer technology?
How to negotiate a tech transfer agreement?

Answers to these questions are not easy to come by. Because, such initiatives are rather new in India. The various components of the ecosystem required to build technology businesses are not fully in place in India. (For example in the US and Europe, there are already well established forums and networks like AUTM, Licensing Executives Society International, NBIA etc. that provide networks, and learning forums.) There are some such forums in India (like ISBA) which have been providing the platform for such interactions. But, more such efforts are needed.

This blog is one such small initiative to bring together people working in these areas, to create technology businesses and commercialize technology and provide a common platform to share,motivate and learn. Join us!

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